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White Bison, Inc. is a non-profit American Indian 501(c) organization devoted to developing and distributing healing resources to Native America since 1988. White Bison offers sobriety, recovery, addictions prevention, and wellness/Wellbriety learning resources to Native American/Alaska Native community nationwide. Our organization recognizes and encourages sober community activities that celebrate Native American culture and traditions.

Each year Native American, individuals and families seek access to Substance Abuse Residential Treatment for alcohol, drugs, gambling and other addictions in both rural and urban areas. Currently, there are very few Native American specific programs available for treatment, with the exception of a couple well-known culturally specific programs out west. On a weekly basis we receive phone calls from individuals and families hoping to enter the “White Bison residential treatment program”.  At this time, White Bison does not offer inpatient treatment services.


After discussing with our team how we can help as a Wellbriety Movement to meet the needs of our supporters, we came up with Wellbriety Certified Treatment Centers (WCTC). Tribes, individuals and families are seeking the Red Road to Wellbriety treatment approach! We have reached out nationally to partner with culturally specific and non-Native inpatient treatment services that provide beds to tribal people. We have developed a process to certify treatment centers with the Wellbriety Approach. What we have witnessed is that programs that have incorporated the Red Road to Wellbriety approach, have had an increase of referrals due to the collaboration between White Bison and residential programs. Here are our current WCTC to access if you are in need of inpatient treatment: Volunteers of America in Sheridan, Wyoming, New Directions for Women in Costa Mesa, California, Native American Rehabilitation Association in Portland, Organ and Northern Cheyenne Treatment Center in Lame Deer, Montana.


As Tribes move towards building sustainable inpatient treatment services, we hope that you will join White Bison in our initiative to provide Native American Culturally Specific Treatment to Native individuals. You and your organization can help us by becoming a Wellbriety Certified Treatment Center today!


For more information see the attached criteria or feel free to contact White Bison by calling 877-871-1495, or emailing,- info@whitebison.org!

See our criteria in the attachment below:

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Introducing White Bison's Newest Training Program

View our Flyer Here:

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The Wellbriety Movement is continuously striving to extend help and healing to as many Native communities as possible.  We are always looking for ways to implement outlets for healing for Native Americans suffering from social, economic, and personal difficulties.  Recently, White Bison Inc. received a grant through the Office for Victims of Crime with the Department of Justice to implement a new training program that we will be bringing to nine cities in 2018.

  Our program is known as “Self-Help Circles for American Indian and Alaska Native Survivors of Homicide: A Wellbriety Approach.”  Participants will learn the impact of grief and loss in AI/AN communities and the need for healing.  They’ll learn how to implement and market community based self-help circles to offer aid to other community members in the grieving process using culturally appropriate practices.  They’ll also learn how historical trauma creates complexities within the grieving process today. 

Homicide rates in AI/AN communities are twice as high s those in the general population.  Homicide is the third leading cause of death for AI/AN youth (age 15-24) and the second leading cause of death of AI/AN adults.  It is the number one cause of death among AI/AN males. (Heron 2013)  These statistics are alarming and it is White Bison’s goal to address this widespread issue and teach community members how to begin healing from these losses. 

            This two-day comprehensive training program was designed to incorporate culturally relevant themes and strategies for implementing and facilitating self-help circles for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) individuals, families, and communities who have lost friends and family members due to homicide.