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Status update on creating a Wellbriety Advocacy Office in Washington, DC

We arrived safely in Maryland and have been busy unpacking, organizing our house, setting up the internet and preparing the Wellbriety Advocacy Office.  The next several  weeks will be devoted to building relationships with other the Native organizations and the Federal Agencies in an effort to increase our presence.

The main goals of our Wellbriety Advocacy Office are:

1. Building relationships and gaining support from our Native communities, both reservations and Urban Indians, to seek a public national apology from the White House for the United States Government’s  role in the genocide tactics and its role in the boarding schools’ methods of abuse of the Native children who attended these schools.

2. Seeking funding that will advance the healing of our communities through gaining support for the Wellbriety Movement.  We will accomplish some of this work through our sister company, Coyhis Publishing & Consulting, which is a certified Native American Owned 8(a) small business.  Our first Coyhis Publishing & Consulting initiative will be to get funding for the  healing of our Native Veterans (men, women and their families).  We have developed a number of culture-based programs that we believe will offer solutions in the healing of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other wounding caused to our relatives while serving in the armed services.

3. Raising awareness about the power of our culture in the Recovery movement through creation of a National Vision of Recovery for our Native Communities.