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The Wellbriety Movement Blog


The Wellbriety Movement  was officially started in 1998 with a walk across the United States. A group of 25 people walked and run from LA to Washington D.C. stopping in communities talking about the prophecies,  talking about recovery, talking about getting well, and  talking about coming back to the culture.

The Movement is still growing and expanding including in Canada and hopefully in Australia this year. We continue to be of service to the Wellbriety Movement. We have had a number of request from people asking for help in starting new groups. New groups will help the movement expand and become strong for future generations. In response to these request, we have created a Red Road Wellbriety Group Starter Kit.

What is it?   It has a copy of the Read Road to Wellbriety book. This book can be helpful in picking topics for meetings, for Red Road Study Groups, 12 step study groups. It has the daily Elders Meditation book to help in opening meetings with and Elders meditation. It has 4 posters to be hung on the wall for the meeting room. one paster containing the Native version of the 12 steps, the Wellbriety Traditions to help groups have guiding pronciples in group dynamics, A poster that shows the steps in a circle and a poster for the healing forest. and, it also has aguide with all the instruction and checklist of how to start a group. Everything you wanted to know is in the group guide.

Who should have a starter kit? Any one who wants to start a Red Road Wellbriety Group in their community. We have heard so many times that when people get out of treatment there are no support groups they can attend so in a short while they slip and are back in the same conditions they were before. A long time ago, when AA first started and there were no groups, the people interested in having a group would just start a group themselves. We believe when a person gets out of treatment they should be given a group starter kit so when they get home, they can start their own group and invite community members who may also want to get sober, to come to the group. We would like to see Red Road Groups start in prisons, treatment centers, mental health organization, IHS working on Alcohol abuse, Indian Urban Centers. We would like to see Red Road groups for women, for men, for the Two Spirited, for youth coming home from treatment centers, jails, or prisons. As these groups form and grow, they can help organize additional training given by the Wellbriety Training Institute.

More information on the Group Starter kits can be found on the Wellbriety.com web site. questions can be asked by writing on the info@wellbriety.com email.

The kits can be ordered from CoyhisPublishing.com store.

We are hoping these starter kits will accelerate the Wellbriety Movement across Indian Country in the US as well as our relatives in Canada.