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SacredHoopMtnsWe are just a couple weeks away from the 2014 Wellbriety Gathering in Denver!!  April 10-13 will be a great opportunity for you to touch base with people from around the country and from Canada!  We have a fantastic line up of speakers and the Wellbriety trainers will be leading participants in developing solutions, exploring resources and creating a vision for healing. 

Activities: When you arrive on Thursday, April 10, be sure to attend the Meet and Greet in the Grand Ballroom #4,  from 7pm-10pm.  In this networking session, you will have the opportunity to chat with the speakers, the Wellbriety Trainers, Elders and other participants.   Early risers are welcome to attend 12 Step meetings at 7am.  Friday night, plan to attend the Healing Circle.  And Saturday night, wear your regalia and dance at the Powwow (7pm-10pm in Grand Ballroom 3&4).  There will also be resources to purchase, Native vendors and educational vendors at the Gathering and at the Powwow.  So be prepared to stock up on supplies, gifts,  and information.  If you were thinking of being a vendor for the Gathering, or just for the Powwow, please contact us at 719-548-1000. Space for vendors is limited. 

Be sure to register soon!   Remember also that Lunch and Dinner are on your own.  There will be a list of local “eateries” in your registration bag.  There is also still time for your organization to be a sponsor for the 2014 Wellbriety Gathering.


PowWow_flyer.ver4smBe ready to dance at the Powwow!!  Not only are we having a conference to raise awareness about how to heal and empower our families, but we will also be celebrating Wellbriety with a Powwow on April 12.

Also, plan to spend time with speakers, friends, and Elders at the Meet and Greet, 7-10pm on Thursday, April 10.



Who were the people who wore these clothes?  What stories would they have to tell us?  What challenges did they face, and what happened to them, their children and their grandchildren?  So much of our Native history is filled with sadness: The Long Walk, the Trail of Tears, the boarding schools, relocation, epidemics, and wars.  Generation upon  generation experienced grief of loss, loss of culture, of family,  the trauma of war, and the devasting effects of boarding school life.  What do the photographs in the attic boxes tell us about the lives of our ancestors? Do they echo the emptiness of the clothing hanging in the museum?

Healing the Hurts– Empowering Families is about reclaiming our culture and gathering strength from the ancestors within us.  It is about mending hearts broken by families disrupted by alcohol, substance abuse, and domestic violence. It is about reclaiming ourselves, our culture and our families.  It is about finding the core of what it means to be family; and how to replace the dysfunctional survival skills with healthy, cultural approaches to relationships and parenting.

Recovery is about changing consciousness; lifting the fog.  It is about changing the way we think and the way we see ourselves.   In families where addictive behaviors overshadow all else, non-using individuals create survival responses: Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust; Don’t Feel.  Changing these experiences, feelings, and fears takes a special effort.   The anger, guilt, fear and shame permeates what should be a place of safety–the family.

Fog of Co-dependenceweb

We hope that the conference makes it clear that the root cause of this family disruption is the intergenerational trauma and legacy of the boarding schools. And, we hope that the key notes, break out sessions, and resources will rasie consiousness to employ the tools and mind set to take a stand for change in their own families and communities. The goal is to get back to how we should have been raised!

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