White Bison

The Wellbriety Movement Blog


It  is the dream of the Wellbriety Movement to see Christmas Trees of Hope all across Indian Country in both rural areas and urban communities.  White Bison and Coyhis Publishing are kicking off this years effort by giving away packages of White Bison ornaments to families, communities, or any group that wishes to participate.

Here’s how it works:

Put up a tree at some location in your community that is a center for healing. This could be at a treatment center, youth center or any appropriate spot in your community. Tell everyone working on their own recovery and wellness to write their name on one side of the ornament and length of sobriety on the other side of the ornament and place it on your community’s Tree of Hope. We are hoping to include the children and youth in this program as a way of showing our youth that being sober is cool.  We believe that displaying Trees of Hope in each of our communities is a way to start measuring sobriety-consciousness and could be a great project for a youth group to conduct each year.

We would love to see how your community’s Tree of Hope looks and if you would like to share, please send us a photo with all the details of “who” and “where” and “how many” ornaments your tree represents to:info@whitebison.org.

Further information and free ornaments can be found at:  http://www.coyhispublishing.com/store.php/products/wellbriety-tree-of-hope