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The State of the Wellbriety Movement 2018

Welbriety-Movement-logoThe State of the Wellbriety Movement January 2018

White Bison was founded in 1988.  Ten years later, the Wellbriety Movement was introduced to Indian Country. White Bison made 5 journeys across the United States, bringing awareness to our communities about being in a time of healing.  We started with a program called the Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps for Men and Women. Over the years, we continued to develop more culturally based trainings that we delivered to communities, which addressed healing for youth, parents, families and others seeking sobriety. The Wellbriety Training Institute was established 20 years later.  As we began to expand our programs throughout the U.S. and Canada, our training team grew to include several elite trainers to meet the growing demand for Wellbriety programs.  In 2017 alone, we trained 1,148 facilitators.    

As we move into a new season in 2018, we are designing a vision for more innovative approaches for enhancing healing and the recovery movement.   

1.       We are expanding the training to include the Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps for the Deaf. The first training will be scheduled for early Fall 2018.

2.       We are piloting a Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps Program for Native Veterans in prison.

3.       We have a grant that will focus on Survivors of Homicide Victims in Native Communities.

4.       We will announce a suicide prevention program called "No More Fallen Feathers".

5.       We will be hosting a series of educational webinars, which include Wellbriety programs and cultural teachings. 

6.       We have expanded our Board of Directors to include members from Canada.

7.       We have expanded our Council of Elders to include Elders from Canada.

8.       We are translating the Elders Meditation book into Spanish.

9.       The meditation app is now available for free download on Android and iPhone.  You can find it in your app store by typing in "White Bison Elders Daily Meditations."

10.   The Store will begin selling books from other authors whose writing supports the Wellbriety Movement.

11.   We have established a Wellbriety Book of the Month Club.

12.  We have provided a space on the website to collect "Red Papers", which are research articles written on Native teachings and cultural approaches.

13.   We are evaluating the possibility of an Annual Wellbriety Addictions School bringing together science and Cultural approaches.

14.   We are working with a law firm on establishing a Wellbriety Movement Foundation that will focus on Social Injustice in our Native Communities. This will be ready around May-June time frame. We will begin implementing various efforts all around “Taking a Stand.” This means we will no longer sit and silently witness social injustices but will take action. 

15.   We will launch a campaign to increase Native votes and encourage our people to run for office


2018 is the time the Wellbriety Movement will advance to its next cycle of growth. White Bison will continue to deliver training and technical assistance to communities.  We must mobilize all our resources, cultural knowledge, programs, skills, insights, ceremony and prayers, uniting across tribes in urban and rural communities in ways we have never done before. We must use the tech­nology and all resources at our disposal. We must create our own cultural logic models, describe cultural congruency, and certify culturally based promising practices to keep advancing the movement. We must include our children and make them part of this change. We are at a point where the Wellbriety Movement is spreading and we will now notice with our eyes and our minds that we are in a time of Healing.