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White Bison Goes to DC

Recently, White Bison had the privilege to attend a networking meeting in Washington, D.C. held by the Office for Victims of Crime, Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) https://www.ovcttac.gov/.  We were invited as part of the grant award that White Bison received, to develop the Survivors of Homicide training program. 

While there, we were able to connect with fellow non-profit organizations that are carrying out remarkable work in their field.  All of the organizations in attendance were recipients of a grant award for projects within the Office for Victims of Crime, and several also represent Native American/Alaska Native communities.  The meeting was a great opportunity to begin collaborating with comparable programs.  We were able to make several valuable connections and hope to exchange resources to strengthen our program.

Many staff members from the OVC TTAC attended, which proved very beneficial.  In the course of several breakout sessions, we were able to connect directly with the staff to ask questions, brain-storm ideas, and get an overall sense of how OVC TTAC grant projects are coordinated.  These sessions provided an opportunity for open discussions between the staff and organization providers on common items of interest dealing with grant projects. 

Opportunities such as these are so valuable for White Bison to not only expand our resources, but to create a stronger awareness for the issues in Native communities.  Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to work on our program development!

Carlos Rivera (Executive Director) and Molly Hepker (Project Coordinator)